Apollo Aviation Consultancy

In addition to our maintenance and CAMO services, Apollo have over 20 years experience in the provision of consultancy services to the aviation industry.

Formed in 1993, Apollo has since provided its services to many influential clients worldwide including advice and assistance to banks, lawyers, government agencies, accountants, leasing companies, airports, tour operators, airlines, and both corporate and private aircraft owners.

We have a strong airline background with comprehensive knowledge and experience of a truly dynamic industry. Our clients continually find that our impartial and objective approach to problem solving is extremely valuable. This is proven through the high level of repeat custom we experience.

Our consultancy services by sector


We are able to provide specialised resources covering professional advice and involvement, which will make a valuable contribution to your practice.

Services particularly relevant to you:

  • reviewing business plans of:
    • airlines
    • travel agents
    • tour operators
  • assisting in administrations, liquidations and receiverships by:
    • re-marketing of aircraft
    • arranging ferry of aircraft
    • providing aircraft valuations
    • arranging secure economic parking of aircraft
    • arranging secure storage of spares and equipment
    • negotiating termination of leases and financial arrangements
    • arranging and supervising economic care and maintenance of aircraft


We provide access to specialised resources covering most areas of aviation expertise. We have assisted in obtaining licences for start up airlines overseas and have carried out operational and financial reviews of large national carriers.

The following, although not exhaustive, are some of the areas that AAA works in:

  • air freight analysis
  • aircraft acquisition
  • licence application
  • aircraft inspections
  • aircraft re-marketing
  • route market research
  • customer service audits
  • study of route economics
  • review of reservations systems
  • operating certificate applications
  • selection of management and aircrew
  • review of handling and catering facilities
  • regulatory issues and bilateral negotiations
  • strategic and tactical marketing reviews and planning
  • support and advice on selection of maintenance contracts
  • aircraft evaluation in relation to suitability for a particular operation

In addition to making our recommendations, we are pleased to assist management in implementing our proposals and undertaking negotiations with outside contractors on behalf of airlines.


We are able to provide you with access to specialised resources covering professional advice in the commercial, financial and operational sectors of aviation.

Our skills cover many areas including:

  • staff selection
  • full route evaluation
  • airfield safeguarding
  • aircraft performance evaluation
  • traffic and route demand analysis
  • liaison with regulatory authorities
  • review and preparation of business plans
  • strategic and tactical marketing reviews
  • preparation and implementation of marketing plans

The above list is not exhaustive and if you need assistance on any aviation related issue, please contact us.


If your business is involved in aviation or has a direct responsibility in this highly capital intensive industry, we can provide you with access to resources that could be of immense value to you.

Any aircraft, whether you are the operator, charterer, owner or financier, is a large capital commitment, which will depreciate if it is not maintained or operated properly. The days of ever increasing aircraft values have ceased for the time being. It is, therefore, even more vital to protect and maximise the value of such assets in the most economic manner

We can impartially and professionally assist you to achieve that goal by:

  • providing valuations of aircraft
  • operation of work-outs
  • re-marketing aircraft
  • surveying aircraft prior to finance
  • assessing the viability of operators’ plans
  • assisting with the return of aircraft at the end of a lease or on default
  • arranging economic maintenance and storage for aircraft returned to you
  • monitoring the on-going maintenance of the aircraft to ensure that the value of the asset is maintained
  • advising on the technical aspects of the lease or loan document with regard to maintenance and return conditions

In addition to the above services, we can also provide a comprehensive aircraft asset management service.

Corporate aircraft

As the Operator of a Corporate Aircraft, you have made a large capital expenditure, it is essential to ensure that the aircraft’s value is protected.

The team at Apollo have many years of operating and maintaining aircraft and can reduce the costs associated with your aircraft whilst, at the same time, improving or at least maintaining the quality of its maintenance and operation.

Our services include:

  • provision of pilots
  • aircraft valuations
  • aircraft acquisition
  • aircraft re-marketing
  • supervision of maintenance
  • pre-purchase inspections and reports
  • provision of complete aircraft operation
  • assistance with the preparation of operations manuals
  • operational and engineering audit of your present arrangements

Government agencies

In all areas of aviation and tourism, Apollo is able to offer you both independent and impartial advice on issues within the commercial and private sectors which include:

  • procurement
  • economic issues
  • market research
  • tender evaluation
  • competition issues
  • bilateral negotiations
  • development of tourism
  • airworthiness and safety assessment

Apollo already has significant experience of working with various departments for the selection of operators and aircraft for Government contracts.


Apollo can provide you with access to our specialised resources covering all matters relating to aviation and tourism, which we know could make a valuable contribution to your practice.

The services we provide, most relevant to you are:

  • general technical advice.
  • provision of expert witnesses.
  • gathering of technical records prior to the return of an aircraft.
  • assistance in the drafting of maintenance and return conditions in finance agreements.
  • practical assistance on re-possession – whether it be the provision of pilots or engineers.

Apollo has worked closely with and assisted a number of worldwide renowned aviation lawyers. We work on an ad-hoc basis or alternatively can work with you on long term projects.

Tour operators

Apollo can provide assistance with your programmes or assist you in the initial stages of your new operation. Our areas of expertise cover many disciplines including:

  • Product Definition.
  • ATOL Applications.
  • Market Assessment.
  • Operation Management.
  • Negotiation with Regulatory Authorities.
  • Preparation and Reviews of Business Plans.
  • Preparation, Implementation and Execution of Marketing Plans.

Quality Assurance Services

Apollo can provide the following Quality Consultancy Services:

  • Quality System implementation advice
  • Independent Audits
  • Writing of Exposition and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance Management Services
  • Training of Auditors

Human factors

Between 60 – 80 percent of aviation accidents are attributed to human error. Whether pilots in the cockpit or engineers on the ground, this human performance deficiency presents serious risk and liability. Aircraft maintenance and inspection errors have contributed anywhere from 9 to 23 percent of these accidents. For example, approximately 20 to 30 percent of in-flight engine shutdowns are caused by maintenance errors.

In today’s competitive environment, unscheduled maintenance due to human error leads to lost revenue in a variety of forms. Conservative estimates indicate maintenance errors cost commercial airlines approximately $2 billion annually.

The courses are designed for maintenance managers, quality and engineering managers, licensed engineers, technicians and individuals who need to understand the human element in aviation maintenance operations and how human error and human limitations affect aviation maintenance.

  • The courses will cover:
  • Introduction to Human Factors and the implications of error
  • Organisation’s safety culture
  • Human error and error provoking behaviour
  • Environment/Human Performance and Limitations
  • Error reduction/mitigation
  • Procedures, technical information and in-house information
  • Communication
  • Management/supervision/leadership
  • Occurrence management and error reporting.


  • aircraft inspections and valuations
  • aircraft performance evaluation
  • aircraft re-marketing
  • airline start-ups and business planning
  • airworthiness and safety assessment
  • customer service audits
  • comprehensive asset management services;
  • engineering and operational audits
  • provision of complete aircraft operation
  • provision of expert witness
  • regulatory issues and bilateral negotiations
  • route demand analysis
  • route economics & market research
  • strategic marketing reviews and planning
  • supervision and monitoring of aircraft maintenance