Apollo Aircraft Maintenance
Concorde House
24 Cecil Pashley Way
Brighton City Airport
West Sussex
BN43 5FF

Conveniently located

Apollo are based at Brighton City Airport, near Shoreham, West Sussex, so are conveniently located for the London business zone with fast and frequent rail connections from Brighton to London Bridge, or via Battersea Heliport.

The adjacent A27 and nearby A23/M23 ensures fast road connections back to pilot’s home airfields, making Apollo a sensible option for owners and fleet operators based in the UK’s south east.

Owners based both in the UK and across the Channel will benefit from Brighton City’s comprehensively equipped airport with professional handling services available on request.

Brighton City Airport (Shoreham)

  • One Asphalt and 2 Grass Runways
  • Comprehensive Air Traffic Services & ATIS
  • Instrument Approaches – NDB/DME and RNAV (GNSS)
  • Navigational & Landing Aids – DME (SRH) & NDB (SHM)
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Handling Services & Executive Jet Centre
  • Fuel – AVGAS & AVTUR JET A-1

For detailed information please visit the airport’s website: